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07 Sep 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in Contests, Fun, News, The Cal Leandros Novels, The Chimera Novels, The Trickster Novels
Rob Thurman Invades Dragon-Con 2010
Rob Thurman Invades Dragon-Con 2010

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THE GRIMROSE PATH contest is here (as I just arrived back from working Dragon*Con.) GRIMROSE PATH’s release date is today…Sept 7th and if you buy a copy this week (preferably from an actual bookstore…support your bookstores, people) between today and Sept 14th you would very much help me out (I can’t emphasize how much–food, shelter, clothing, Alpo–so the dogs don’t eat *me*), but if you can’t…you can’t.

You may still have a chance to win either one of my books (your choice…five to be given away), a Chris McGrath print**** (of your choice, 30 bucks of stunning, kick-ass value), a Leverage T-shirt (one Hitter, one Hacker), and I’ll also be giving away TWO Dragon*Con posters. (The Big Bang Bag is unfortunately off the table as it is now a Big Bang dog chew toy.)

Comment here or on LJ to consider yourself entered and don’t forget, in the back of GRIMROSE PATH is a Chapter One bonus teaser for Cal #6: BLACKOUT (March 2011.) If that doesn’t get ya, nothing will. Now check out this poster from Dragon*Con you might win. Is it the shit or what???

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  • Carla Barbieri

    Just borrowed your book from a girlfriend. Enjoying it immensely. Thanks.

    • Rob Thurman

      Glad you’re liking it! Maybe buy the next one. I’m paid 60 cents per book *before* taxes and that makes it hard to keep food in the stomach and a cardboard box over my head. Oh, and be sure to watch the two videos…you can find them on the home page or the Grimrose Path and Chimera pages. They are some kind of kick-ass!

  • Amy

    oops roboformed my full name!

  • Amy Lutz

    just discovered you so glad i did

    • Rob Thurman

      Great! Please do spread the word and the sales. Keep me writing, eating…and my cardboard box furnished.

  • monica

    I recently discoverd these fantastic books, does RT only write in one genre or different ones???

    • Rob Thurman

      Cal Leandros is dark Urban Fantasy. The Trickster Novels are set in the same world as Cal but different city and different monsters (and Goodfellow and Ishiah make cameo appearances)–it’s also lighter in tone. Chimera (and its sequel Basilisk out next year) are labeled Sci-Fi thrillers…but probably belong more in mainstream fiction. They are like the classic Dean Koontz books Lightning and the Watchers (and are also about brothers. Set now…not in the future. The only sci-fi part is some genetic manipulation.) And spread the word. I get paid 60 cents before taxes and I’m running out of mac-n-cheese! PS Deleted scenes and free stories can be found on my LJ

  • sue

    I like Grimrose Path much better than the first book–somehow I felt like Trixa was like Cal’s mother (?egg donor?) and didn’t like her much in the first book, but this one is definitely a lot of fun.

    Blackout–ooh neat, neat, neat! First chapter shows just a few interesting things about stuff Niko has managed to shove into Cal’s amnesiac head. Bathing and washing clothes without being told….sounds like Cal is growing up. And he still doesn’t like mirrors, though he doesn’t remember why. And Where the Hell is Niko?

  • christie grupe

    can’t wait to read Grimrose path

  • Kevin

    Have mine on hold and am picking it up tonight. Cant wait for Cal6 next…:)

  • Zak Vaudo

    I happened to stumble into a Barnes and Noble on Friday, Sept. 3 and see but one copy of this book on the shelf. Naturally, I grabbed it in an instant. I may have gotten the very first copy in my city (if not other places)

  • Aly

    I just got my copy yesterday! I had to bribe someone to drive me to Barnes and Nobel, as I’m in college with no car. Worth it. Totally worth the cookies.

  • Jessica Callahan

    I bought a copy yesterday! Can’t wait to read it πŸ™‚

  • Ariel

    Purchased three copies of The Grimrose Path on Tuesday.

    (Have been too busy to read it all yet, but you’ve still kept me up until 4am on school nights when I have other homework… I just can’t put it down!) Zeke and Griffin are the best, thank you again for your incredible stories.

  • Ariel Durkee

    Bought mine yesterday from a local bookstore in Portland, ME. Trying not to read the whole thing in one night. So excited for some Zeke and Griffin, can’t get enough of those boys.

  • Heleine

    I bought my copy and can’t wait to read it!

  • Casey

    Just bought it today! I’m so excited to read more about Zeke and Griffin! πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for your awesomeness!

  • Cat Lauria

    I got your book via amazon today, sent to my computer. I spent 3 hours in an internet cafe in Togo West Africa for this book, and it’s worth every second of waiting. I wish I hadn’t also devoured it in 3 hours, because March feels like a long damn ways away, and my connection speed will still suck.

  • Miriam Ayyash

    I love all of your books and most espically cCal, but Trixa is AWSOME!

  • Sarah M

    I picked up my copy of Grimrose on 9/8… but snagged ANOTHER copy of Madhouse for a gal pal of mine (there was a little B&E involved when I dropped it off… probably first person to break into someone’s house only to leave a book behind) I’m well into Grimrose and enjoying every word!!!

  • Joe R

    I bought your book yesterday on the recommendation on Lisa Shearin’s site, since I am new to the urban fantasy genre. I also bought the first book of the series since I hate to jump into the middle of a series. I could not find it in the new book section of the Borders near my home (outside DC), but there were half a dozen in stock in the Sci Fi/Fantasy section. I am looking forward to reading both books.

  • Renee-chan

    Just bought mine today! All shiny and new! I was going to buy another for my friend, but there was only the one copy left on the shelves when I know there were more a few days ago… so I’m guessing there are other Reavers in my hometown. ;D So, I bought her a copy of Chimera instead. ^_^

  • Holly

    Definitely just bought my copy today…they were all sold out at the bookstore up at my university so I totally went home just to buy the book. It’s gonna be awesome! m>.<m

  • Tracy

    I bought a copy of Grimrose Path today (Sept 11) at B&N! I still have to read Trick of the Light – it’s waiting it’s turn on my bookshelf – but had to get Grimrose today to try and help those numbers!!

  • Cassandra C

    Took me awhile to find a bookstore that had it buy I FOUND it!!!

  • Debbie

    Just bought a second copy for my daughter at Borders today. Hope that helps. Debbie

  • Kaite

    Bought the book at Borders 9/7. I’m buying more soon. Just incredibly broke right now… Me and my friends are extreme fans. Spreading the word of awesome Rob Thurman books everywhere. Zeke and Griffin will be saved if we can help it goddamn it. “Chimera” was one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read so if your on the fence about reading it… DO IT!

  • Halee

    I bribed my friend with coffee so she’d drive me the thirty miles to the nearest Books-A-Million. Got the last copy that was on the shelf.

  • Ashley

    Oops… I mean that I bought it on 9/7, not 7/7. See above comment about being zombie-ish. Think I may be less with the “ish” and more with the “zombie” at this point in the day!

  • Ashley

    Bought “The Grimrose Path” on 7/7 and stayed up late last night finishing it! Was zombie-ish at work today, but it’s all good. πŸ™‚

  • Meredith

    Picked up The Grimrose Path today from Borders; still have time to stop @ B&N and BaM before the 14th and pick up copies there!

  • Traci Skocik

    Bought “The Grimrose Path” on the 7th in Boston! Borders had many copies on the new paperbacks stasnd! πŸ™‚ I’m in my last class for the day and then it is my time to get to my fun reading! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see what Trixa is up to now.

  • Liz

    Does it count that I got my copy at Dragon Con? I love all your books and recommend them to everyone I know who knows how to read πŸ™‚

  • Danielle Bull

    I have read all three of your series and I LOVE them, tell everyone I can about them!
    I cant wait to sit down and read The Grimrose Path!!

  • nick E

    I just bought your book!!!!!! I cant wait to finish my school work paper to start reading it!!!

  • Dee

    Picked up The Grimrose Path today- plan to spend tomorrow reading it. πŸ™‚ It was cool to see you at Dragon*con- the posters were awesome.

  • lingeorge

    YES! Got it yesterday and read through the night — on page136. Could hardly put it down long enough to check email-Google-Facebook.

  • Sherri Martin

    I had this on my list to purchase and could hardly wait for the bookstore to open. Went on my lunch hour to purchase the book and began it on my break and finished it today. LOVED it and I can’t wait for Cal 6. Awesome ride, thanks. I will read it again in a couple of weeks and enjoy it all over again.

  • Alejandra

    I brought my copy yesterday. The Borders I went to only had one copy left!

  • Caryn

    Of course, I went to Borders as soon as my last class finished and between myself and my sister and our friends we walked away with all five copies the store had ordered in. If we’d gotten out of the mall early enough we would have given the Barnes and Noble across the street the same treatment, but since we didn’t that’s on our to-do list for the weekend.


  • Caryn

    Of course, I went to Borders as soon as my last class finished and between myself and my sister and our friends we walked away with all five copies the store had ordered in. If we’d gotten out of the mall early enough we would have given the Barnes and Noble across the street the same treatment, but since we didn’t that’s on our to-do list for the weekend.

  • Psistriker

    Thanks to plumbing issues I was sans computer, but I was still a good little Reaver and bought my copy last night. πŸ™‚ Nothing was gonna keep me from Trixia and her boys!

  • thepinkegobox

    Sufficiently pimped on Facebook via The Hearth and Holy Trinity Of Hotness group pages (events calendar, member emails, news posts, wall posts, good lord sometimes I wonder if I spam them too much!) and of course pimping the hell out of it via twitter! Have to order some more copies into the bookstore cause i bought them all.

    Now to continue devouring that book!

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  • silentandromeda

    Bought my copy yesterday, and two for friends who are out of the country and therefore would have missed buying it this week. Which we can’t have! Here’s to hoping Grimrose sells enough to continue the series.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a train to catch and four hours in which to read.

  • bravetinsoldier

    Bought a copy yesterday!!!

  • Qwill

    I purchased The Grimrose Path on 9/7 and showed it in my New Release Tuesday Vlog. Congrats on the new release!

  • Kimberly Allen

    My boyfriend purchased a copy of The Grimrose Path for me today.

  • Deb Rasmussen

    I ordered two copies from Barnes and Noble, they shipped Tuesday. I waited until release day to order them like a good little minion.

    I am giving one copy to my sister, because I am now insisting she read all Rob Thurman books. And I have been pimping your books on Facebook. You are an incredible writer and I am trying to do my part to support you, and get others to buy and read your books!

    You totally rock, and so does the Dragon Con poster. What awsomeness!

  • Danielle Moon

    Definitely bought The Grimrose Path today! You’re books are always the best and keep me going in while I’m in college.

  • Ann Byassee

    Bought two copies of “The Grimrose Path” today–one for me and one to hook another fan with! Today is a good day.

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  • Steph

    Every time you have a new book out, it’s like a freaking holiday for me. I still had to work today, but I didn’t give a damn with my brand new copy of The Grimrose Path waiting for me afterward. Here’s to Trixa and the boys! I’m gonna go dig in πŸ˜‰

  • Carrie Fortune

    I waited until today, the release date, too buy the book though I knew of 2 stores that put the book out on Friday. It was worth the wait!