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02 Jul 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in The Cal Leandros Novels
Welcome to The Leandros Lair

The Leandros Lair is open for business. Come on in and BYOB: bring your own bazooka if you hope to survive. There are the real photos of the models used in the covers by the brilliant Chris McGrath–backstory on the characters. The world of Leandros populated by its people, its monsters, and its mummified but very active cats are all ready and waiting. Do you want to see Cal? Niko? Delilah? Goodfellow? Truly see them? Here is your chance.

Welcome to The Leandros Lair

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  • Metempsychosis

    I recently got introduced to the series about two months ago, and I’ve already read up to Madhouse and dragged two more people into reading the series, as it is by far one of the most glorious things I have ever read. Up until the Cal Leandros series, you could not PAY me to read anything written from a first person point of view – I always had a very low opinion of it.

    Cal sucked me in within the first paragraph of Nightlife, and I have loved him to death from start to finish. I’m actually zipping off to Chapters first thing tomorrow to nip up the next two books XD

    I absolutely love the character development in these books and how ALIVE everyone is. Damned if I could ever choose between Cal, Niko, and Robin — three of the most amazing characters I have ever read about. The banter kills me — and I unfortunately have the bad habit of laughing out loud to some of the things that are said, which warrants me an odd look or six.

    However, reading some of the comments here makes me raise a brow just a bit, and I’m with Jenn when it comes to the “George Train”. She had a lot of good points, but if it had gone any other way it just wouldn’t have felt right. Plus, I honestly felt she was just a little to ‘Holier than thou’ for Cal, and more than once I wanted to beat the heck out of her for being a stubborn twit. She reaped what she sowed, but she stayed true to herself and so did Cal, and in so doing their relationship remains pure as far as Im concerned, and personally?

    Delilah is a way cooler fit for Cal XD I look forward to seeing what happens next. And I also think I’m going to have to buy into your other series, to keep myself busy until Deathwish XD

    Oh, and, to the topic:

    The only pic that surprised me was actually Cal. I imagined him with darker, lanker hair and a bit paler. Cal and Robin were exactly as I pictured them ((Robin was much better, actually, oh-ho-ho.)) The AUPHE were a bit creeper than what I was anticipating though. Ack those teeth are something horrible D:

    I can’t imagine what dental must be like for those slimy bastards.

    • Rob Thurman

      That is the actual Cal model (Randall S.) from Nightlife, Moonshine, Madhouse, and Roadkill (there are different models for Deathwish and Blackout as Randall left NYC.) But Chris McGrath the artist of course does considerable glorious work after the photoshoots to come up with these covers. And that is the actual Niko model (Paul M.) from Moonshine and the actual Delilah model from Roadkill. As Robin isn’t on any of the covers (sigh…as much as I’ve asked), I had to obtain him from a stockphoto website. But, yes, he is a perfect Goodfellow even down to the mythological aspects of Pan/Puck/Robin Goodfellow (curly hair.) I was lucky to find that picture. And please do purchase the other series as making 60 cents a book doesn’t do much to pay the bills. I need my mac-n-cheese.

  • Jenn

    George, George, George….You must get tired of hearing that. I personally like how the realtionship turned out with George. If it had been any other way it would not have been true to Cal’s character.

    Love the illustrations of Cal and Niko. I have the Nighlife illustration as my wallpaper. Chris McGrath’s work is incredible and with your vision….WOW, awesome.

    I’ve read all Cal’s stories and I just started Chimera and the Trickster series. I so wish I knew about buying the new book in time to be helpful. I am going to order it at my local book store tomorrow.

    We’re half way into September any ideas when will get to hear Cal’s voice? I pretty much check iTunes every day. (I purchased Trick of the Light in audio.)


    Oh P.S. I work with a 14 year old who I think would just love the Cal. Do you think it’s still a little to old for him? Just wondering, thank 🙂

    • Rob Thurman

      If George comes back…big if…it will be in the last book…assuming I control when the last book is. Writers never know.

    • Rob Thurman

      The Cal audio should’ve come out a few days ago. I’ll post it under audio books on my website tomorrow when more people are online. As the 14 y/o…my books are not YA–although I don’t think there’s anything in there that’s more graphic than YA and often not as graphic, but still it is labeled adult, so that’s a personal call I cannot make. Get in big trouble for making that call.

  • Tom

    I like this – but, really would like to see Niko’s girlfriend (Promise?) . . .

    Georgina – is she really just a “a peace loving, spiritual, psychic” babe in the woods? Or, is there maybe a lot more power there that we just haven’t seen. She is still young and idealistic and has yet to be slapped around by life enough to realize that there is a difference between the Ideal and the Reality. And, while the Ideal is a good thing to have around, if you don’t live in the Reality, you really don’t live . . .

    Cal needs a source of Light in his life. Something to capture his attention away from the Darkness within which he habitually dwells. If he continues to dwell only on the Darkenss inside him, he is going end up becoming the very thing that he fears the most . . .

    BTW – I have read all your books except the second Trickster book, which is sitting on top of my to-be-read stack of books. Good to know that there will be more Chimera books.

    Again, I really like the Leandros Lair – especially Goodfellow, who is not as I imagined but, I see it . . . He’s still kind of short, though, right . . ?


    • Rob Thurman

      A picture of Promise was impossible to find on stockphoto…streaked hair, dressed like a lady, at night-time. Was impossible. People say Robin isn’t what they pictured, but Puck, Pan, Robin Goodfellow–that is how he is described to a T….except for the fur ass-less chaps. Mythology, people! Read it!

  • Deidre

    I was so excited when I clicked on the link and found these GORGEOUS pictures!

    It’s good to finally be able to SEE some of the characters — especially Robin…all I can say is no wonder he gets so much ass. (;

    But Niko is still my undeniable favorite. Yum.

    The pictures of the Auphe and such were wonderful; they’re even more frightening in person. Kind of like demented rats with a werewolf face and shark teeth. D:


    Salome is SOO cute! I just wanna squeeze her to…death? Life? I’m not quite sure but I’m jealous of Robin. Well, not so much when it comes to cleaning up her messes. Haha.

    The Lair is wonderful and I –hope- you add more? Maybe? Please?

    Hah, I know it costs to put up such wonderful pics but they are amazing and leaving me hanging for more!

  • Shadow Dancer

    I love this website.

    RE: Models. I knew Cal and Niko were gorgeous, but it’s great to see who you chose for Robin. He looks like the kind of guy who could drain someone’s IQ just by smiling at them. Thanks for the picture of Salome. The auphe are even worse than I pictured, and I wasn’t picturing anything I wanted to run into in a light alley, let alone a dark one.

    RE: George. George is sweet, but I’m glad Cal has figured out that he isn’t the main reason the relationship can’t work.

    RE: Trickster and Chimera
    Loved both of them, but the Leandros books are still my favorites. I’ve got Trixa’s book on pre-order.

  • Peg Davis

    Hi, Rob! Great website! Great books! I’ve been buying Cal/Niko as soon as they show up in the local bookstore since Nightlife came out. Unfortunately, the receipts have gone the way of all paper bits so I can’t give you bonafides and qualify for buttons. 🙁 Just wanted to say that I enjoyed Chimera as much as the Nightlife series and am looking forward to the next installment of Stefan and Michael (and the next Trixa, Leo & gang) as much as I am to the next Cal/Niko/Robin! Lived in NYC for 3 years and it wasn’t nearly as interesting as you make it! Altho, some of the things I saw on the subways could fit right in! BTW, I’m an almost 60 year old who’s been reading sf/fantasy for 50 years, and IMHO, you and Jim Butcher are the king and queen of “expanded reality” worlds! Keep up the great work!

  • Doug

    Web page has black text on black background makes it hard to read unless you try selecting it then read in contrast there.

    • Rob Thurman

      No, it doesnt. It has blue and green text and a much darker blue background. What you have is a browser that got fucked over in the latest WordPress update making it incompatible with certain WordPress templates. Sorry about your luck. We’re working on finding a new WordPress template that is compatible with all browsers (as it was *before* they updated.)

  • Rae

    Finished Road Kill. I just love Cal’s development and I can’t wait to see where it will go.


  • Mary Logan

    Rob, I love your books and I have been reading them ever since Nightlife caught my eye way back when (has it been this long?) I have to admit, these boys are my favorite. I truly enjoy Cal’s personality and your sense of his morose, sarcastic, angsty, yet determined personality. You create a wonderful contrast with his brother, and Robin (have I mention I adore Robin?) rounds out the team nicely. I’m intensely interested in Cal’s descent into possible full-monsterdom and the consequences and struggles that go along with it. Character development is what I look for in a good book and you have provided it in spades. I’ve recommended it to my 10th and 11th grade English students who really need to branch out from Harry Potter and Twilight (*coughhack*) and see what other great literature is available. I look forward to more! Please don’t ever stop writing these guys and I promise I will go buy Chimera tomorrow. 🙂

  • Joyce Brooks

    Well, Cal and Niko look EXACTLY how I pictured them. Robin and Delihla look pretty good too. Okay, to be honest they look amazing! GREAT MODELS!

    Even if Georg doesn’t fit in the picture I would like to see her. How you pictured her would be nice to know, but even with out her it’s a great liar.

    And about Chimera: Already recommend the book to three other friends and they promised to buy it. And they will tell other friends, I’ll make sure of that, because as your other books, Chimera is brilliant!
    You are my idol. I write books myself and, well, always when I don’t know what to write I pcik up one of your books, read a part and then write again. Not the same thing, not at all! But Cal is just inspiring in some way. 🙂

    You’re really a good writer! Just LOVE your books and the idea and.. well, everything.
    all the best,

  • Rafferty_Kin_Wolf

    Hey, I just finished Roadkill, finally had enough time on my hands. It’s saddening Catcher and Rafferty split. Rafferty was my favorite character, the one and only bad ass wolf healer. You really had me wondering, would Delilah attempt to kill Cal, I thought she may fall for Catcher and the two of them run off together as wolves. Still an ending I thought was worth the wait. Also, I’m a writer, or sort of, I can’t write my novel. I wrote short stories and want to write this novel, but I get writers block so badly. Hit me up and send me an e-mail, if you have advice. Also, I’m on twitter. Rafferty_Wolf. Thanks again for another great adventure.
    -Rafferty’s #1 Fan and Kin Wolf Alpha, Jake.

  • kat

    Robin’s smile is perfect. Almost exactly like I pictured him.

    I see you’re getting a lot of crap about George. I liked her, but her good, sweet self was all at once endearing and annoying as hell. I’m glad she’s out of the picture for now.

    Your books are fantastic; all of them. I can’t wait for more Trickster novels, and Cal and Niko have won a spot in my heart and a permanent place on my bookshelf. I’ve given your books as presents, and since I work in a bookstore I try to pimp out your stuff when I can. Keep up the good work!

  • Cain

    I really like your books and I have to say that I am glad that there is not to much romance in your books and you focus more on the important brotherly relationship. 🙂 You are a really talented writer and thank you for writing the cal and niko leandros series.

  • Ruby

    Love the Leandros Lair. Amazing models for the characters, too. Chris McGrath’s covers are perfect! As a librarian, I try to pimp your books when I have a reader who likes Jim Butcher, Ilona Andrews, P.N. Elrod. Very cool!

    • Rob Thurman

      Could you also please *please* recommend Chimera to anyone who likes classic Dean Koontz (Lightning and The Watchers) or any Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook or Jonathan Kellerman? It’s in a huge mess of cross-genre. It needs some help. Yes, Chris M. is an art GOD.

  • Afreen

    I just wanted to say I love your books!! Do you know of a tv show called supernatural? If so, did you base the Cal leandros series of off Supernatural? I am obsessed with Supernatural and I love the books all the more because of the similarity.

  • Rafferty-Kin Wolf

    Yeah the pics are great and all and Goodfellow is definsteky differant then what I thought. But I want to see Rafferty, Abbagor, Ishiah, Promise, George, Abelia-Roo and oh! Cal and Niko’s mother! Those are the ones I really want to see.

    • Rob Thurman

      A) have to pay for those pics and B) it’s very hard to find people who look like the characters in the books…Promise is impossible and C) That is exactly what Robin looks like. I wrote him. I know (grin.) He is the Puck, he is the Pan, he is the Hob.

  • BKWordNerd

    Hello Cal and Niko…can I just stare at you all day?

  • Zak Vaudo

    Robin looks COMPLETELY different than what I envisioned. But this looks great!