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Funny pictures of me/ funny shit I say/ chance to win a prize

25 Jun 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in About, Fun, Interviews, News
Rob and Olivia

Rob and OliviaActually a fun interview w/ me (because of the pictures–and no one asked me about my ‘muse’…starvation…that’s my muse, let’s move on, okay?) & it seems I just invented the phrase ‘cheek of my ass writer’…too bad I can’t copyright it.

And, yes, I should learn to blog this stuff first so it mirrors to LJ and Twitter and you don’t get caught in a three way (Goodfellow says a three-way is a *good* thing and learn to appreciate) and I will learn…sooner or later.

Also, my filling fell out (nearly choking me to death, but oddly I wasn’t that concerned…we all have to go somehow, and that would be an interesting obit), but my dentist is taking her whole office to HOLIDAY WORLD today…in Santa Claus, Indiana (I shit you not), so they’ll see me next week. Toodles!  Which would be annoying as hell if she wasn’t so free and easy with the nitrous. You can walk in the door and they jump on you: Do you want nitrous? You look nervous. How about some nitrous?

Um…actually, my car broke down and I just wanted to use your phone.

Ohhh, cars breaking down can be sooooooooooooo stressful. You’d better have some nitrous!

Well, okay…I guess. Sure.

The office also has WiFi, computers for kids to play on, TVs mounted on the walls in every room, and everyone is blonde with teeth so white that you see spots when they smile like a camera flash. It’s a Stepford Dentist office.  If they had a strip club and coffee shop installed, it would be perfect.

But I still am without a filling, and I’m wishing Holiday World was Westworld and let’s see if they could fend off Yul Brynner with the promise of a free bonding.

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  • Moonsanity (Brenda)

    I was driving back from Florida (now called the Drive from Hell in our family) and missed that interview. I loved it, especially the “cheek of my ass” comment. By the way, I also missed you had this cool new blog. I love the graphics. It reminds me of Ilona’s, so I feel at home:)

  • elleberquist6

    I loved the interview, but I was a day late for the contest.
    I havn’t had a nitrous experience myself because I havn’t had dental insurance for the past few years. Still, if you could see my needle happy general practicioner, the stepford dental ladies wouldn’t scare you as much.
    The interview gave me, someone who hopes to be published as soon as she can be a little less lazy about finishing her novel, an interesting insight into the publishing world. Thanks!

  • Izzy

    I read your interview really funny 😛 I love that line “cheek of my ass writer” brilliant stuff 😛
    That’s true about being choked to death by a filling would be a good obit lol Would get a lot of attention. Is that like a team building exercise going to holiday world? Very strange!!
    Now that’s a story about the stepford wife dentists and the way they are free and easy with the nitrous!