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Can you say audio books, asshole?

16 Jun 2010, Posted by Rob Thurman in Audio, Books, News, The Cal Leandros Novels, The Trickster Novels


Of course that would be Cal speaking–never me.

Big exciting news: for the books that haven’t quite come into their own (raise hand and sigh), Penguin is doing an experimental deal where they put these books in audio book form sold at Penguin, emusic, Audible, iTunes, etc, but only digital.

That’s not the exciting part. TRICK OF THE LIGHT will be out in August (go to Penguin and purchase please. We seriously let these guys down. Let’s make it up to them, especially Zeke and Griffin. The link is on my contact page.) And THE GRIMROSE PATH will be available on 9/28 (again, help our boys…and girl out. It’s chock full of ass-kicking, tricking, Zeke and Griffin hurt/comfort, and Trixa and Leo may or may not…you know :), and if you buy them and buy them and buy them–maybe we could afford to bring them back. Wouldn’t that be nice to have T/L and Z/G back?

But here’s the exciting part for me: NIGHTLIFE on AUDIO (9/28 also) ! Cal…you will be able to hear Cal’s inner thoughts aloud and we know what Cal’s inner thoughts are like. CAL LEANDROS audible in the real world. Men: if that doesn’t make you want to turn over a car and set it on fire in excitement, what’s wrong with you?? Women: go change your panties.

I probably won’t make a dime off of it and I don’t care, because I will get to hear Cal. Now *I* want to turn over a car, set it on fire, and jump up and down to Judas Priest’s ‘Breaking the Law! Breaking the Law!’  Damn, I’ve got to go lie down. I’m about to have a heart-attack from the excitement.

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  • D Blackenshire

    Let us all pray Cal’s voice actor is fantastic and pull off the badass Cal Leandros we all know and love. Love your books Robin! I was given Nightlife back in April and have obsessively read all of your Cal Leandros books up to date. Now to read Trickster & Chimera….
    PS – Any idea when the new Cal Leandros novel will be out? No pressure, but I LOVE that series.

    • admin

      All Cal books usually come out the first of March. So first week of March 2011 and it’s very important to buy that first week or it doesn’t count towards NYT list…I’m not huge enough to have a printing big enough to make the list unless it’s that first week. They did say they told the audio dept that Cal was snarky, sarcastic, and had ATTITUDE. So here’s hoping.

  • Lilly

    Sweet! I’m looking forward to listening to Cal’s snark. Heh heh. I love the Leandros brothers and Robin…he is the fabulous.

  • Aniday

    Any news about who the voice actor will be?

  • admin

    You won’t. They only have one reader, Cal, and he’ll try to put different inflections on other characters dialogue. I know…sucks, but that’s how they do it or they’d be hiring way too many people I suppose.

  • Lishie

    omg! so freaking excited ^_^ i am sooo obsessed with this series… Puck = best freaking character in the whole entire world. if he isn’t bitching about Cal and his sex life, than he is bitching about his own sex life!! bwahaha

    i can’t wait to hear HIS voice! lol

  • admin

    I can’t wait either. Here’s hoping and praying they can find someone on their voice actor list who is half as snarky as Cal.

  • Kathleen Wilson

    This is so awesome!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear Cal in all his snarky glory! 🙂

  • Dawn Nikithser

    OUTSTANDING! I have had several people ask after audiobooks with the Leandros boys, so I will let them know the big date. I can’t wait!